10.0kg Mesolite Specimen w/Fluorapophyllite, Stilbite & Clear Apophyllite

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Mesolite Meaning

Mesolite enters your life when a cosmic upgrade is imminent. The glass-like transparency of Mesolite allows you to see through the situation or challenge you are currently facing; and provides you with the clarity to overcome it.

Need to communicate with someone on the other side? This mineral maven facilitates communication between different realms & astral planes. Mesolite may be used to contact your guides, angels, loved ones or other beings to help provide answers to the questions you seek. 


Note: Mesolite is a delicate mineral specimen, so having some loose points upon arrival is very normal. Extreme care & special packaging is employed by Priestess Crystals to ensure its safe arrival to you. 

Chakra: Heart, Crown

Star Sign: Aries, Cancer, Gemini

Origin: Nashik, Maharashtra, India