Consciously Sourced Crystals - What Does It Even Mean?

What does it mean to be Consciously Sourced?

Ethical standards in the crystal community can be broad and varied depending on where you purchase your crystals from. Unless you are purchasing directly from the source or own the mine yourself, it can be difficult to ascertain the nature and conditions under which the crystals were mined. Each business has their own definition & practice of sourcing crystals for their store.

Fair Supply Chain

At Priestess Crystals, we strive to procure crystals for our store as close to the original source as possible. In doing so, we have greater quality control, are able to speak directly with knowledgeable locals on the materials & their locality as well as inspect the conditions under which the crystals were mined. 

We work with several mining families and small wholesalers who are directly paid when we custom order pieces for our store. This eliminates costs which go to middle men and ensures that the workers themselves are receiving their fair wage.


Raw Crazy Lace Agate hand-selected from the mines

Sustainable practices

You can be confident that your crystals have been excavated from environments where preservation of the natural landscape and environment is of utmost importance. We ensure that our suppliers comply with national environmental regulations and standards and that these crystals are not coming from reservoirs that are being over-mined or depleted. 


Consciously Sourced Crystals - Processing of Crazy Lace Agate by our Indonesian Carvers
Processing of Golden Crazy Lace Agate towers by our Indonesian carvers in Sukabumi, West Java

Optimum working conditions & no child labour

These are part of our non-negotiables when sourcing ethical crystals. We always ask our suppliers the conditions in which the miners work and process these crystals to form their final, beautiful shape. We never deal with suppliers that use child labour or endorse it in their business practice.