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Green Apophyllite w/Stilbite & Scolecite Sprays on Basalt Matrix Specimen #13

Green Apophyllite w/Stilbite & Scolecite Sprays on Basalt Matrix Specimen #13

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Size: 11.6cm tall, 7.0cm width. This specimen weighs 442 grams. 

Green Apophyllite Info

Green Apophyllite alone is not a rare crystal. However, when combined with Scolecite sprays, we are dealing with some exceptionally rare specimens. Such specimens come out in limited quantities in the Apophyllite mines of India, making this crystal combination not only a rare find, but a very exciting one.

Green Apophyllite & Scolecite Meaning:

Scolecite with Green Apophyllite, is a powerful ascension crystal healing duo.

Green Apophyllite deals with matters of the heart & your emotions. It is renowned by healers for its ability to take the gas pedal off of anxiety & gently accelerates you onto the highway of harmony.

Together they remind us of the importance of self care & tending to our inner garden.

It is only then that we can be truly altruistic and assist others on their own path.

Chakra: Heart, Third Eye & Crown

Star Sign: Libra, Gemini, Capricorn

Origin: Pune, Maharashtra, India



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