Welcome to the Priestess Crystals Blog Space!

Welcome to the Priestess Crystals Blog Space!

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Old, New & Found: A Deep Dive into all things Gemmy


Ever since I was a teenager, I wanted to write a blog.


Perhaps it was the endless cooking recipe sites I downed like Tic-Tacs, or the allure of travel blogs when I researched my next international destination.


And for many years, I pondered this very topic -


I really want to write a blog. What should I make it about? 


I knew if I began writing one, I wanted it to emulate the same feeling I got from those cookery and whimsical travel blogs I divulged for hours on end. 

My intention is to bring you that very same feeling of joy & excitement about learning something new; the thrill of finding the answers to the speculations you had roaming around your head, and perhaps revisiting something you already knew.


Hence the name of this blog: Old, New & Found

Here, you will learn about the intriguing historical accounts of your favourite stones, learn about new discoveries & how to incorporate them in your practice.



All on the topic of stones, minerals & the metaphysical.

Which stones are toxic? Which ones are not?

What is the best way to cleanse my crystals?

Why are some stones priced higher than others? 

How can I connect with my crystals?


With a sprinkling of Law of Attraction for my Abraham lovers out there ;) 


You could say writing a blog was circulating in my vortex - waiting for the most opportune time for me to line up with the energy of it.

I never imagined writing about crystals or minerology when I was a young'un but here we are!


And I'm excited for where this journey takes us all.


Your Crystal Ibu (Mother),



About the Author

Alisha is the Owner & Founder of Priestess Crystals. What began as a hobby of collecting and selling crystals through marketplace, turned into a life-long passion for gems, minerology, & self-empowerment through connecting with crystals. 

Today, Alisha runs a successful business alongside her devoted partner, Sach and their little one Jasper who likes to sneak a tumble or two into the odd parcel and apply express tape to your order (his favourite thing to do!)

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