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Fire Quartz (Hematoid Quartz) Palmstone

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✧ Grounding ✧ Stability ✧ Shadow Work ✧

A rarer form of the hematite crystal family, the soft, red colour of hematite resonates with the Root chakra to bring about balance and stability. It has gentler energy compared to the heavier grey hematite and acts as a supportive companion to help you ground and release energies that are causing you disarray.

Quartz inclusions in this crystal serve to enhance the action of any crystal it is combined with to amplify Fire Quartz’s natural high vibrational energy and protective properties.

Fire Quartz is a beautiful companion to have on your journey. Let this stone assist you in connecting with the Earth energy as a Priestess grounded in her power ✧

Chakra: Root/Base Chakra
Star Sign: Aries, Aquarius

Consciously sourced from Madagascar