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Citrine Mushroom Carving

Citrine Mushroom Carving

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✧ Manifestation ✧ Abundance ✧ Joy ✧

Citrine can help you anchor in the energy of the sun to bring in the fresh energies of joy and positivity into your life. Resonating with the solar plexus chakra, citrine can assist in your spiritual development by shining the light of the sun and reflecting areas for improvement in your life.

It also is known as a powerful stone to use for the manifestation of abundance and success in your life. Pair this lovely crystal up with pyrite or green aventurine to enhance its money-manifesting properties.

For spiritual practice, citrine can help to bring the mind into a meditative state and anchor in states of tranquility & rest. For this purpose, pair citrine with amethyst to bring calm to the mind during meditation.

Citrine is a wonderful crystal and is sure to bring a little joy into your life!

Chakra: Solar Plexus
Star Sign: Cancer, Aries, Leo & Libra

Consciously sourced from Brazil


* This stone is citrine/heat treated amethyst