Cavansite Specimen on Zeolite-Basalt Matrix #81

Cavansite Specimen on Zeolite-Basalt Matrix #81

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Size: ~6.8cm length x 4.0cm height

Cavansite & Pentagonite Info
Cavansite & Pentagonite belong to the family of crystals known as Calcium Vanadium Silicates.

Pentagonites are the more rare form of calcium vanadium silicate, having a branched “tree” and/or urchin-like appearance. The Wagholi Quarry from which they were mined is no longer allowing for excavation of minerals at present. Many specimens being mined years prior to its closure.

Cavansite Meaning

Cavansite enters your life when you are being promoted to a new energetic level. It eases the transition between these critical phases in life & instills peaceful harmony. 

Cavansite & Pentagonite are powerful crystals of spiritual enlightenment & assist you to communicate your inner truth. 


Chakra: Throat, Third Eye & Crown

Star Sign: Aquarius

Origin: Wagholi Quarry, Pune District, Maharashtra, India