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A Grade Himachal (Himalayan) Quartz Cluster #03

A Grade Himachal (Himalayan) Quartz Cluster #03

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Size: 7.9cm L x 3.8cm H

In the Western world, we know this crystal as Himalayan Quartz. But in India, locals know this material as Himachal Quartz, named after Himachal Pradesh: the northern Indian state in the Himalayan mountain range. 

Himachal (Himalayan) Quartz Meaning

Himachal Quartz are powerful energy healers that are believed to contain sacred information for healing modalities & ancient knowledge through their unique etchings. Lemurian ridges and Faden, as well as Chlorite & Garden inclusions are just some of the features you may find on these clusters. 

Himachal Quartz is a powerful ascension tool to guide you on your journey of self awareness or, Atma Vichara in Buddhism - the practice of becoming aware of yourself, the awareness of “I Am”.

Realising that this life journey is not just a physical one, but very much a spiritual one as well. 

Chakra: All

Star Sign: All


Origin: Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, India